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Cross-Section of a Human Heart: A Memoir of Early Adulthood by Abi Wurdeman

Cover art by Nora Novak. Visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

What readers like you are saying about Cross-Section of a Human Heart:

"It's nostalgic and witty, and SO on point . . . I think most readers will be able to relate 100% to this story. This one hits close to home! Snuggle in with a glass of wine and be prepared to laugh and cry!"

—Balancing Books & Bottles

"The honest truth: I wish I'd had this book in my twenties. Maybe I would have suffered less angst. Or maybe the level of angst would be the same, but it would've felt purposeful."

—Amazon Reviewer

"Whimsical, nostalgic, and clever. If you are over 30 looking for a way to forgive yourself for once being 23 or if you are 23 wondering when you will reach that point in life when it all works out, then this is for you."

—Amazon Reviewer

"My copy is as dog-eared as a basset hound."

—Amazon Reviewer

"'The first thing I'm going to do with my winnings,' he said, 'is pay for laser hair removal in your armpits.' He even gestured to my cleanly shaven pits, because if referencing a woman's body hair on a date doesn't awaken her inner vixen, pointing to its location is sure to do the trick.”

An introverted Midwesterner with big feelings and a shameful people-pleasing streak, Abi Wurdeman hoped her twenties would transform her into one of those fierce, take-charge broads quoted on sassy refrigerator magnets. But somewhere between facing her own demons at a soul-sucking casino job and making the occasional ill-timed confession of love, Abi learned you can't reinvent who you fundamentally are . . . and that the secret to adult tenacity lies not in changing yourself, but in knowing yourself.

Ninety percent memoir and ten percent unsolicited advice, Cross-Section of a Human Heart is the story of a floundering journey from mousey young adult to proper grown-ass.

About the Author


Abi Wurdeman is an author, screenwriter, and sidewalk poet.

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